Outstretched Hand
Outstretched Hand
This sculpture shows an outstretched hand below a carved font shape containing flowers from a variety of broadleaf trees giving a cornucopia effect. The wood used is Elm from a piece discarded from a saw mill as the shape of the segment is not suitable for machinery to process (thankfully). This sculpture is used by Andrew St. Ledger to raise awareness of broadleaf tree issues, and is part of a series of sculptures he wishes to complete in the future.

These sculptures will be used to focus attention on the lack of native forestry in Ireland today. In a broader context they will be used to highlight the depletion of the Earth's oxygen supply caused by the worldwide reduction in tree cover and the excessive consumption by motor vehicles, aircraft, industrial complexes, etc., etc. The way to help alleviate these problems is through massive tree planting programmes worldwide.

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