Jeannie Johnston
Jeannie Johnston
Created to adorn the bows of the magnificent replica famine sailing ship the Jeannie Johnston recreated in Kerry. This figurehead was created using 24 pieces of austrian larch laminated together and sculpted into a female deity representing the ancient goddess Eriu from which the land of Eire is named. This sculpture celebrates the spirit of the land moving forward into the future whilst recognising the calamity and suffering of the famine and acknowledging the legacy of all the survivors particularly the Irish-American connection, as the original Jeannie Johnston was directly involved in bringing Irish emigrants to America.

The Jeannie Johnston was unique in that she never lost a passenger and had a doctor on board. This ship had a great reputation for its humane treatment of all its passengers, proof of which can be deduced by the many letters sent to the ship owners conveying heartfelt gratitude for a safe passage. These letters were given to the Jeannie Johnston committee when it was researching the ship project in Kerry.

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