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Andrew St. Ledger regularly exhibits his work and demonstrates his art at exhibitions and other events. To be notified of future exhibitions please join our email list. For a selection of previous exhibitions participated in please see our Exhibitions page.

Work in Progress

Townley Hall
Currently in the process of preparing custom furniture pieces for Townley Hall, an 18th century listed building, which is undergoing renovation. This preparation includes the processing of timber from old Walnut and Oak trees which came down in the grounds of the estate - to date it has been sawn and stacked for seasoning, and is now almost ready to be worked.

Wood Sculpture
Continuing work on another piece of Burl Elm, similar to the one used for Outstretched Hand. This work will form part of an exhibition of sculptures exploring the relationship between the human form and the myriad of shapes which appear throughout the world of trees. The purpose will be to encourage a re-appraisal of the true value of trees to humankind.

The Nuin Drum
Preparing to embark on another sculptural adventure with a seven foot section of an Ash tree which has been seasoning for the last five years. Tentative proposal is to create a tribal drum with carved symbolism inspired by Irish megalithic rock carvings. The Nuin Drum will be used to invoke nature spirits.


Acanthus are actively engaged in the promotion of proper broadleaf reforestation through research, demonstration, exhibiting and lobbying. Native Irish hardwoods have a profound beauty and unique place among the timbers of the world. Broadleaf forests are a wonderful sustainable resource and need to be developed for future generations - of craftspeople, foresters and public alike - as the benefits are of economic, environmental and psychological importance, and the greatest natural resource we could ever have.

Trees were once the lifeblood of the country, but too many were hacked down and never replaced - people started reaping but not sowing. Today, people are reawakening to the plight of the Trees and the process of reforestation has begun in earnest, and with it the re-establishment of a lost cultural connection to the land.

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