Manufacturing Process
Before a new piece of bespoke furniture leaves my studio, a few things will have to happen. Raw materials will have to be selected after the consultative process and design work have been completed, timber has to be selected for trueness, figurative grain etc. This must be purchased and transported.

A cutting list and scaledrawing has to be made up. The wood is now planed up and thickenessed. Face sides and face edges need identifying. The grain is studied so that the most beautiful grain will end up on show at the forefront of the piece. The wood is now ready for cutting, mortising and dovetailing. Where necessary, the piece must be constructed by a hand process as well as all component pieces hand-finished and prepared for construction. All the fittings need to be ordered in from specialist suppliers.

The piece is not put into a magic machine. The craftsmen must work on the piece for days, lavishing expertise, care and the utmost attention, so ensuring the highest standards of quality.

It is only now ready for final finishing by hand. Of course, stain and colour must be applied - many, many layers of french polish, more care and attention, and many days of buffing. Should the client choose a painted finish, the same principles will apply. The piece will now have the fittings re-applied.

A magical journey has ended, another dream has been realised, the fire of creativity has been lit, coupled with the ages old patience of traditional handcrafted techniques. Only after this journey can the piece be presented to its new owners/foster parents.

Wood has a kindliness about it which no other material can give and, at least among small workshops, it cannot ever be ousted

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