Acanthus was established in 1988 by artist craftsman, Andrew St Ledger. His vision - to produce fine quality wooden objects, utilising the beauty of natural woods whilst incorporating the individuality of the customer.

The exceptional standards of design quality and workmanship have earned Acanthus a solid reputation for excellence amongst distinguished customers such as Trinity College, Christies and Sothebys.

Each prototype is unique and is formulated in conjunction with the customer. One - on - one consultation is provided throughout the process in order to guarantee the singular characteristics of the piece.

Andrew St Ledger was born in Dublin which was one of the finest Georgian cities of the world. The beauty of Architectural design around the city is one of the primary influences of his work, for example, the carvings and overall design of Gandon's Custom House.

Environmental and ecological issues are paramount to Acanthus. Careful controls are in place with regard to any wood which is used. As a company they actively support the replanting of native hardwoods and only utilise materials which do not harm this process.

Reminiscent of old-style production values, the company takes pride in every stage of the production process. Attention to detail, careful selection of timbers and crisp carving have become the hallmarks of Acanthus.

It would make things easier if we could recapture the vision, if we could consider anew the point of honour which existed among older craftsmen

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